CoDiet at Imperial Lates: Future Food  

On November 9th, CoDiet exhibited at Imperial Lates: Future Food. The Lates are an opportunity for the public to interact with the latest scientific developments at Imperial College London, which are centered around a new theme for each evening.

Visitors to the CoDiet stand had the opportunity to see the prototype of the intelligent, wearable AI camera, which displayed in real-time how the camera records what someone is eating.

Visitors at Imperial Lates checking out the AI camera

Dr Joram Posma led a Food-4-Thought diet matching game that was also available for visitors to engage with. People were tasked with trying to match different foods to diets from around the world, leading to discussion about what constitutes a healthy diet, and what current research can tell us about the topic. 

Interactive questions were on display alongside a gauge meter for the public to vote. These questions included, ‘If you had to record everything you ate for a week, how accurate do you think it would be?’, ‘Would you trust diet recommendations from an AI?‘ and How would you feel about a camera recording what you eat?’.

You can still have your say, vote in our poll below!


Thank you to everyone who came by on the night to learn a bit more about CoDiet! Make sure to follow us on X and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest updates on the project. 

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