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CoDiet Pilot Trial

The CoDiet project is currently recruiting volunteers to take part in a pilot study as part of our work to use health and dietary monitoring technologies to prevent diet-related diseases.

Participants will be asked to wear a micro-camera that tracks their dietary intake and a wristband that measures their physical activity and sleeping patterns whilst completing a food diary online.

At different points in the trial, participants will have their body composition and general health assessed, and provide blood, stool, breath, and urine samples. In addition, the volunteers will be asked to undergo a mixed meal tolerance test where the participants will consume a standard meal and then have blood samples taken over a six hours period.

After the volunteers have completed all aspects of the study, they will be asked to complete short questionnaires through which they will be able to express their views on participating in the study.

The overall aims of this pilot trial are to test the effectiveness of smart camera technology to track dietary intake in comparison to food diaries, whilst also evaluating individual risk of developing non-communicable diseases through the recording of physical activity, nutritional intake, and information from the blood, stool, breath and urine samples.

Participating countries

United Kingdom


CIC bioGUNE (Centre for Cooperative Research in Biosciences), Bilbao 

Find out more about how to participate in the trial at this location.

University of Valencia, Valencia 

More details coming soon.



Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

Find out more about how to participate in the trial at this location.