Dimitrios Gunopulos

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Research focus

The group’s research is in the areas of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Science, Sensor and Peer-to-Peer systems, and Algorithms. We have developed clustering and classification algorithms and indexing techniques for high-dimensional data, similarity measures and indexing methods for multidimensional time-series and trajectory data, data analysis tools for streams and sensor networks, search methods for peer-to-peer systems.

Currently we are working on problems and applications in the SmartCity domain, including event discovery and situation monitoring, and long term planning, and in fairness and explainability problems in AI.

Focus in CoDiet

Our focus in CoDiet is to build the right data analysis tools that will enable us to understand the interdependence of food and NCDs.


Predictive modeling of infant mortality. A Saravanou, C Noelke, N Huntington, D Acevedo-Garcia, D Gunopulos. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 35 (4), 1785-1807

On the fly load balancing to address hot topics in topic-based pub/sub systems. D Dedousis, N Zacheilas, V Kalogeraki, ICDCS 2018, Vienna, Austria, July 2018.

Personalized Travel Time Prediction Using a Small Number of Probe Vehicles. Y Li, D Gunopulos, C Lu, LJ Guibas – ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems, 2019

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