Georgios Theodoridis

Aristotle University Thessaloniki

Research focus

Fundamental/developmental studies on Mass Spectrometry metabolomics including the study of experimental design, quality control (QC), validation in LC-MS based metabonomics research. We compare different mass spectrometers, stationary phase materials, develop new  methods for metabolomics e.g. with the use of new HILIC-UPLC-MS in metabolomics, sample preparation prior to metabolomics of blood, feces or fruit, organisation of protocols papers.

Development of multi-analyte methods for targeted metabolomics represents a major endeavor for my group.

Standardising Metabolomics: Optimization of sample preparation methods including extraction and derivatisation prior to analysis. Data fusion and data mining to improve and harmonise the output of application of data treatment software. on.

Clinical oriented metabolomics studies aim toward biomarker discovery in selected clinical/health related conditions. We develop new analytical methods for metabolite maping of biospecimens with the aim to identify biomarkers of toxicity, rheumatoid arthritis, physical exercise obesity, exposure to alcohol, or the effect of symbiosis with gut microfolora. EmbryoMetabolomics  :discovery of biomarkers of embryo growth in the uterus and markers to assist embryo selection in in-vitro fertilization. Metabolomics in the discovery of diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers or sepsis, necrotizing entrocolitis in neonates. Research study on congenital obstructive nephropathy of neonates.

Nutritional Metabolomics and the study of symbiosis with gut- microbiota. FoodOmicsGR Research Infrastructure Coordinator.

Focus in CoDiet

Metabolomics and lipidomics of biological fluids to discover NCD biomarkers.


Global metabolic profiling procedures for urine using UPLC–MS
EJ Want, ID Wilson, H Gika, G Theodoridis, RS Plumb, J Shockcor, .\Nature protocols 5 (6), 1005, 2010

Within-day reproducibility of an HPLC− MS-based method for metabonomic analysis: application to human urine HG Gika, GA Theodoridis, JE Wingate, ID Wilson, Journal of proteome research 6 (8), 3291-3303, 2007

Global metabolic profiling of animal and human tissues via UPLC-MS, EJ Want, P Masson, F Michopoulos, ID Wilson, G Theodoridis, RS Plumb, Nature protocols 8 (1), 17 2013

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