bioGUNE is an international center of biomedical research in the fields of Metabolism and Disease, Molecular Oncology, Protein Homeostasis and Infectious Diseases, ultimately aiming for the identification of new disease biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Within the program of “Metabolism and Disease” and the Precision Medicine and Metabolism group, we intend to apply our deep knowledge of metabolism and generation of disease mouse models, coupled with our capacity to merge metabolomics with other “omics” as well as to determine protein folding and structure, to generate inhibitors or activators of metabolic enzymes that can fundamentally change the progression of disease.

Role in CoDiet

Metabolomic analysis of biofluids using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to detect the fingerprint of diets in the metabotype.

Team Members

  • Oscar Millet
  • Nieves Embade
  • Rubén Gil
  • Ricardo Conde

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