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The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications originated as a cross-departmental undergraduate program between the Departments of Physics and Mathematics in 1986 and it evolved into an independent department in 1989. It belongs to the Faculty of Science of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Owing to the department’s diverse and in technical depth curriculum, its undergraduate, graduate, as well as doctorate students acquire solid scientific background, as well as essential research and practical experience in Informatics and Telecommunications in accordance with the latest industrial needs.

The department also conducts research on most of the offered courses’ subjects and hosts numerous laboratories accessible to the students for hands-on exercises and research.

Notably, the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications has longstanding participation in EU research and development programs. In fact, the department is among the top university departments in Greece in attracting external funding. Additionally, the department belongs in the very top Greek departments in the number of scientific publications in international journals and conferences.

Role in CoDiet

NKUA is the leader of WP3 and will collaborate with other partners in WP4. Our role in CoDiet is to build the right data analysis tools that will enable us to understand the interdependence of food and NCDs.

This involves organizing and engineering the data collection process and developing the appropriate data analysis tools. For the data analysis we will employ both traditional machine learning algorithms as well as causal discovery models. We will also exploit techniques for feature extraction and for combining data sources.

Team Members

  • Prof. Gunopulos Dimitrios
  • Prof. Kalogeraki Vasiliki
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