University of Valencia


The University of Valencia of today is the outcome of more than five centuries of history (funded on 1499) that have led to the accumulation of knowledge and unique documentary treasures, making it one of the top Spanish universities. Initially dedicated to the studies of medicine, humanities, theology and law, the university has witnessed over the past two decades an accelerated process of transformation and growth, something incomparable to earlier periods.

This significant effort has turned the University of Valencia into a modern, global university. It has become a leader when it comes to the application of new technologies, connected to important international scientific and teaching networks.

Role in CoDiet

We are a multidisciplinary group of the University of Valencia involved in the CoDiet project, and assuming tasks in several work packages, mainly, WP2 and WP5. These work packages are related to the clinical trials and the multiomics analysis. We will include the gender perspective and sustainability.

Team Members

  • Dolores Corella
  • Carolina Ortega-Azorin
  • José Vicente Sorlí
  • Olga Portolés
  • Oscar Coltell
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