Recruitment for the CoDiet pilot study is underway! 

Recruitment for the CoDiet pilot study has begun in Spain and will begin shortly in three other countries across Europe.

The pilot study aims to understand the relationship between dietary habits and risk of non-communicable diseases (type 2 diabetes, cancer, or heart disease) by using advanced technologies to assess food intake and people’s overall health.

The observational study will recruit 200 adults across Ireland, Spain, Greece and the UK, to allow for testing in four different cultures. The study will take place over an 8 week period to validate the efficacy of the selected technologies to monitor food intake and noncommunicable disease (NCD) risk.

Participants will be required to wear a micro-camera that tracks their dietary intake and a wristband that measures their physical activity and sleeping patterns for seven days each on three separate occasions. In addition, while the volunteers are wearing the camera and the wristband, they will need to complete a five-day food diary online.

To find out more about recruitment in each country, visit our Get Involved page.

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